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Jordan – April 2011

I recently spent eight magnificent days in Jordan working as director of photography on “Lili’s Journey” – an upcoming feature-length documentary about women’s social and economic empowerment. The Jordanian shoot included the 17th and last interview of the film, which is now entering post-production.

We traveled all over Jordan, visiting the northern region of Jerash, the stunning ruins of Petra in the South, the area bordering the Dead Sea, as well as many locations in the capital, Amman. My Canon 5D was filming virtually at all times, capturing street life as well as the beauty of ancient monuments. For this reason, I came home with barely 200 photos, taken – or rather stolen – during breaks and spare moments. I couldn’t channel my inner paparazzo – 700-900 photos are my daily average when I’m not filming – but images of this extraordinary country are permanently etched in my mind. Here is a selection of photos from the trip.

Petra, Jordan. Left: The Treasury. Right: a local guide

Jerash, Jordan

The Dead Sea

A shoeshiner in Downtown Amman

Pupils at a Madrasati school near Jerash

Me, getting ready to film at a Madrasati school near Jerash. Photo by Katia Belmadani.