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Elena Rossini – filmmaker + photographer

Press, TV and Radio Coverage

Elena Rossini’s films and diversity initiatives have been featured in a variety of publications, TV and radio programs, podcasts, blogs and books.

Below you will find a list of highlights from interviews and mentions, organized by topic:

press Little Black Book Elena Rossini
Elena Rossini press British Vogue


(documentary, 85 min)

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Here you will find a selection of articles & blog posts about The Illusionists.
For the full list, click here.

New York Magazine The Cut: “Q&A: The Woman Trying to Ignite Discussion About the Globalization of Beauty Standards”

British Vogue: “All Inclusive: How Are Make-Up Brands Tackling Diversity?”

VOGUE Italy:  “Just an Illusion” by Martina Liverani

Upworthy: “Advertising Seems Harmless … Until You See It For What It Really Is”

Jezebel: “Documentary The Illusionists Tackles How Corporations Sell Beauty”

Mic: “The Disturbing Effect Our Beauty Standards Have on Women Across the World”

Daily Life Australia: “The Illusionists: ‘Happy people make bad consumers'”

Yahoo! Beauty: “On the Globalization of Beauty Standards”

Teen Vogue“The Problematic Reason Kim Kardashian Became a Beauty Icon”

Sociological Images: “New Documentary: The Illusionists”

The Gloss: “This Documentary Will Remind You To Always Question Beauty Standards In Advertising”

Indiewire: “indieWIRE’s Project of the Day”

Feministing: “Fund The Media You Want To See In The World”

Shaping Youth: “Shaping Youth Is Backing The Illusionists Film About Media’s Body Blitz”

Running in Heels: “The Illusionists: A Body Image Revolution”

Her Campus: “Documentary In The Works Takes On Unattainable Beauty Standards”

The FBomb: Saturday Vids: “Ideal Women”

Endangered Species: “The Illusionists”

Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy): “Il Marketing della Bellezza” (PDF file, in Italian)

DOX Magazine: “People Helping People” (page 11-12)



(documentary, 5 min)

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