Elena Rossini is an Italian film director, producer, editor and public speaker.

Her latest film project is The Illusionists, a feature-length documentary about the marketing of unattainable beauty ideals around the world. Filming locations included the U.S., U.K., the Netherlands, France, Italy, Lebanon, India and Japan. The film has been featured in Vogue Italy, New York Magazine, Mic, NPR, Fox45 and Teen Vogue, amongst others. Rossini has been taking The Illusionists on tour, showing it at the biggest companies in Silicon Valley (Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter) and at dozens of schools in the United States and Europe (most recently: Harvard University, University of Chicago, USC, UCLA, UC Berkeley).

Rossini is also the founder and editor-in-chief of No Country for Young Women, a website whose aim is to provide positive role models for young girls. The site features over 100 interviews of women representing five continents, seven decades, and over two dozen professions – from NASA engineers, to illustrators, architects, filmmakers and entrepreneurs.

In 2014 Rossini co-founded Gender Gap Grader with Elian Carsenat – a platform empowering companies and organizations with innovative tools to measure the gender gap.

In addition to these projects, Rossini also works as a freelance director, producer and film editor. Rossini’s most recent collaboration is with Irish toy company Arklu, for the Lottie dolls video campaign “Inspired by Real Kids” – which premiered at InspireFest 2017.

Rossini frequently speaks at international conferences and is a 2014 alumna of the prestigious Young Leaders program by the Council for the United States and Italy.


Do you want to hire Elena for a photo shoot or for a film?

Elena is available for freelance photography and video assignments:
— photographer (portraits, travel, reportage)
— film director
— cinematographer
— editor
— fixer (assisting foreign film crews in Italy and France)

To get in touch with Elena about her availability and rates, please email her at: hello [at] elenarossini [dot] com

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