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About Elena Rossini
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Elena Rossini’s most notable film is the documentary The Illusionists, about the globalization of beauty ideals and the dark side of advertising. Rossini shot it in eight countries, across four continents.

The Illusionists features interviews with feminist icons such as Jean Kilbourne (Killing Us Softly), Susie Orbach (Fat Is a Feminist Issue) and Laura Mulvey (who coined the term “the male gaze”). Filmmaker Joss Whedon (The Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) said: “The Illusionists should be required viewing in every school.”

The documentary has been featured in Vogue Italy, New York Magazine, NPR, FOX and NBC Baltimore, amongst others. It has been praised by universities and non-profits for its educational benefits.


Freelance Filmmaker

Elena Rossini works as a freelance filmmaker in various roles (director, producer, editor, motion graphics designer and local fixer in France and Italy). She is currently producing the follow-up to her critically acclaimed documentary The Illusionists titled The Realists.

In her spare time, Rossini enjoys designing t-shirts and sweatshirts that promote the visibility of women in film.

Rossini is fully fluent in English, French and Italian; she is currently based in Paris, France.


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