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July 30th = A Black Day for Cinephiles

Minutes ago, while checking the news, I saw this headline: “French Filmmaker Chris Marker Dies at 91.” And my heart just sank. Chris Marker (aka Christian François Bouche-Villeneuve) happened to be one of my favorite filmmakers of all time. “Sans Soleil” – an extremely poetic, evocative documentary he made in 1983 left a big, important imprint on me. Same goes for “La Jetée.” I admired Chris Marker the filmmaker. And Chris Marker the man, for his reserved nature, his intensity, his originality and his uncanny ability to combine poetry and politics – with thought-provoking effects.

The cruelest twist of all is that Chris Marker happened to pass away on July 30th, which is essentially a black day for cinephiles. I am still scarred by July 30th 2007, when Michelangelo Antonioni AND Ingmar Bergman – two of the most illustrious, brilliant directors in the history of cinema – passed away.

The curse of July 30th?

P.S.: the photo above is a rare still of Chris Marker – who steadfastly refused to be photographed – from Wim Wenders’ documentary “Tokyo-Ga.”


Chris Marker on IMDB
– The Hollywood Reporter: “French Filmmaker Chris Marker Dies at 91