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My Interview in the September 2011 Issue of VOGUE Italia

By October 26, 2011November 3rd, 2019Fave, The Illusionists

Martina Liverani, the journalist in charge of the “Thinking Curvy” column for Vogue Italia, recently interviewed me about my work on THE ILLUSIONISTS.

The interview was featured in the September issue – the most important one of the year (page 132 FYI)!

I’m incredibly grateful for this honor, especially for the chance to speak about consumer culture and body politics to a wider audience, who may not be familiar with these themes. I applaud the pluck of editor Franca Sozzani and the whole Vogue Italia team. Grazie mille!

Here’s an excerpt from my interview:

(Speaking about mass media and advertising’s “illusions”)

The chief illusion is that in order to be successful you must strive for a “perfect body” and eternally youthful looks. In our modern culture, this has become such an obsession that millions of women spend inordinate amounts of time and money trying to reach an ideal that is by definition unattainable. They are thus condemned to a life of perpetual frustration and poor self-esteem.

Full transcript coming soon. In the meantime, you can see the full page interview by clicking here.

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