Lottie dolls: inspiring kids to be themselves
while thinking BIG

Irish toy company Arklu Ltd. – maker of Lottie dolls – commissioned me to create a video campaign on the theme of “Inspired by Real Kids”: the series of short films showcases the remarkable girls who have inspired the creation of various Lottie dolls, from inventors to stargazers and real life superheroes.

The first film in the campaign – featuring activist and aspiring astronaut Taylor Richardson – premiered on July 6th 2017 at InspireFest in Dublin.


Inspired by Real Kids video campaign 


Arklu Ltd. (Lottie dolls)

What I Did

Writer, producer, director, editor & visual effects artist

Allie & Robot Girl Lottie

Meet Allie Weber, the prolific 12 year old inventor who inspired the creation of Robot Girl Lottie, the first in a line of Lottie dolls with a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Lottie dolls Allie Weber inspired Robot Girl LottieAstro Adventure outfit set, which Taylor proudly shows in this video.