#FreeToBeUs with Shea Emry

Body dissatisfaction is growing at an alarming rate and what is even more unsettling is that these issues and concerns don’t discriminate. Three leading minds in the fight against this modern day public health concern have teamed up to spread awareness about the issue. Former Canadian football player and men’s mental health advocate Shea Emry has teamed up with award winning documentary filmmaker Elena Rossini and Renae Regehr, founder of the Canadian non-profit Free To Be Talks, to put the spotlight on an issue that is rarely discussed: boys and body image. This video dives into how and why idealized male bodies are impacting our boy’s self-esteem and self-image. The video sheds light on media literacy and how it can be utilized to help fight these unrealistic expectations. Free To Be Us invites viewers to take a stand by destigmatizing the narrative around boys and body image.

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