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Tees for Representation

Wear the Change

The clothes we wear offer us an opportunity to carry a message, to display our values, to become a “walking billboard” for the issues closest to our hearts.

I’ve been creating sweatshirts and t-shirts that promote the representation of women across professional fields.

Women are half of the world’s population but we are still largely underrepresented and underestimated in the professional world. I’ve created several collections of t-shirts and sweatshirts that aim to address this issue head-on.

The name ReprésenTées has a double meaning: “Représentées” in French means “represented”. It’s also composed of “Represent”and “Tees” (t-shirts) – I see it as “tees for representation”.

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Discover the capsule collection by Kayleigh Donaldson that celebrates female directors

Kayleigh Donaldson, pop culture writer, critic and editor, has created a special capsule collection for ReprésenTées.

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