Hivebrite Promotional Videos

Discover three types of videos that could be used to promote the launch of your platform:

  • a classic promotional video for the platform and app (Type 1)
  • an explainer video (Type 2)
  • a mix between a promotional video and an explainer video (Type 3)
Hivebrite promo video

Example 1 (education): Cornell Hotel Society

Example 2 (corporate): Insight Partners

Type 1

Promotional Video for the Platform & App

A promotional video that swiftly navigates through the platform and app’s various functionalities. It includes an (optional) customized introduction showcasing the client’s work.

Example shown here: NYSE

Type 2

Explainer Video

An instructional video that shows how to use the platform, indicating what to do in each section of the site.

Example shown here: IED Istituto Europeo di Design

Type 3

Mix: Promotion + Explainer

A mix between a promotional video and an explainer video, with an in-depth look at each section of the platform.