The Illusionists

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indieWIRE: “indieWIRE’s Project of the Day”

Shaping Youth: “Shaping Youth Is Backing The Illusionists Film About Media’s Body Blitz”

Running in Heels: “The Illusionists: A Body Image Revolution”

Her Campus: “Documentary In The Works Takes On Unattainable Beauty Standards”

The FBomb: Saturday Vids: “Ideal Women”

Endangered Species: “The Illusionists”

DOX Magazine: “People Helping People” (page 11-12)

My Photography

AKWRC (Asia-Japan Women’s Resource Center): News (photo)

Travel & Leisure: “World’s Coolest Observation Decks” “Italians Protest Berlusconi”

Circus: The Blogger’s Bookazine – #1 Fashion (page 80-81)